Autonomous Mobile Robots

Introducing Tennant’s Autonomous Mobile Robots.

Tennant’s Autonomous Mobile Robots are state-of-the-art cleaning machines that use artificial intelligence combined with other advanced technologies to operate autonomously, without the need for constant human supervision. These machines are equipped with advanced sensors and cameras that allow them to navigate complex environments, avoiding obstacles and identifying areas that require cleaning. The machines are also designed to use minimal water and chemicals, making them an eco-friendly cleaning solution. Overall, this innovative technology promises to transform facility maintenance operations for years to come. Check out our AMR machines below or contact us for further guidance on the machines.

T380 AMR


The T380AMR collaborative autonomous scrubber-dryer features ec-H2O NanoClean™ & BrainOS® Technology



The T7AMR Robotic Floor Scrubber-Dryer addresses labour challenges, drives efficiencies and maintains a high standard of cleaning 



The T16AMR Industrial Robotic Floor Scrubber-Dryer is designed to work safely and efficiently alongside employees so they can focus on high-value tasks.

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