Durability and Low Maintenance Cost of Tennant Sweepers

Tennant Sweepers are known for their durability and low maintenance cost, making them a must-have for cleaning commercial spaces. These machines require very little maintenance, so you won’t have to spend a lot of time or money fixing them when they break down. Overall, investing in Tennant Sweepers is a smart choice for any business looking to keep its floor space spotless without breaking the bank on maintenance costs. You can have a look at our Sweepers below or contact us using the form below for guidance on the machines.


Debris, Dust

The Tennant 800 is the largest, most powerful machine in its class. With its wide cleaning path, quad filtering system and heavy-duty steel construction, it delivers consistent cleaning performance in the most demanding indoor or outdoor industrial and manufacturing environment. 


Debris, Dust

Sweeping with the S30 increases productivity and provides health and safety benefits. It is simple to operate and maintain and helps improves a facility’s image for both heavy and light dust applications.


Debris, Dust

Tennant’s S20 compact mid-sized ride-on floor sweeper is a heavy-duty machine that manoeuvres easily in tight spaces.


Debris, Dust

The Tennant S16 provides big productivity and versatility in a compact, battery-powered ride-on sweeper. It delivers exceptional sweeping performance across a variety of surfaces and debris types. 


Debris, Dust

The Tennant 6100 is a manoeuvrable battery-powered ride-on sweeper that quietly captures dust and debris in a single pass.


Debris, Dust

Tennant’s S10 is a heavy duty, battery-powered walk-behind sweeper that cleans harsh industrial environments.

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